Bong History

History of bongs:

  • Generally used to smoke cannabis
  • Term "Bong" derived from Thai word 'Baung'
  • Assumed it was invented in Africa
  • Believed to be developed from "hookah"
  • Most popular smoking method

There's a variety of different types of bongs. Each type has it's own benefit. The most common bongs are the carburetor, slide, Ice bong, bubblers , S bucket bongs , glass bongs, & gravity bongs. Best beginners bong would have to be a silicone bong because it's almost unbreakable.

Top Bong Brands:
  • Roor
  • IIIadelph
  • Toro
  • Black Leaf
  • Dankstop Bongs

Science behind bongs:

This science behind bongs topic will focus on water bongs in particular. First of all multiple things are going on while cannabis is burning. The common things are CBD, activated THC, terpenes, & multiple cannabinoids. It's been said "too much cannabis smoke can harm the lungs in multiple ways". Researchers have never found a link between lung cancer & cannabis smoking despite decades of research.

Water bongs immediately cool down smoke by passing through the water , thus resulting in smoother hits. It also filters tar & ashes that could potentially enter your mouth or air way. There is a long debate about how effective the water filtration process works. A series of studies in California have shown bongs filter quite the psychoactive cannabinoids rather than tar & other harmful substances.    


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