Indica is one of the three types of marijuana strains. The other two are Sativa & Hybrid. They all have different effects on the body & mind. Each type of strain has been scientifically proven to have different medicinal purposes. The variety offers patients options that can better fight their medical conditions. The Indica is a relaxant which helps pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, & other symptoms. Sativa on the other hand is more of an uplifting stimulant known to help depression , migraines, appetite & etc. Indica is the popular strain among the rest because of it's medicinal uses.
Pure Indica Medicinal Uses


All the strains grow different in sizes. Indica plants usually grow short & wide. Sativa plants can grow up to 25ft long. Hybrids' growth can either be a Sativa or Indica dominate trait. Indica plants grow & mature faster because of the high level of chlorophyll the plant contains. It's believed that the Himalaya region produced the purest Indica genetics. Pure Indica seeds are popular among growers looking for natural pain relievers.

Top Indica strains of 2017

  • Ice Wreck

  • Death Star

  • Mk Ultra

  • Critical Kush


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