Reggie Bush is what I like to call Reggie. In other words "low class". It doesn't look very appealing at all. Often it's very dark green. Smells like the dealer's laundry detergent. I think Reggie dealers try to enhance the smell of it. Mostly comes with a lot of stems & seeds. It is classified as a Sativa. I had Reggie before so I'm speaking from experience. 

Smoking low class is like driving with no gas. It's better rolled up than smoked using a pipe or a bong. When I say better , I don't recommend anyone to smoke low class. Every time I smoked Reggie I was buzzed for like 30 minutes. It really depends on how much of it I smoke. I get unmotivated to do anything a few hours after. It goes for 5 dollars a gram. It's cheap but I recommend quality over quantity if you're trying to get high. 


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