Gateway Drug

The Gateway Drug theory describes a psychoactive drug can lead to the use of lethal drugs. The phrase had been discussed about in the 1930s leading to it popularized in the 80s by anti-drug activists. Defined as a "habit forming drug, that itself may not be addictive, but may lead to other addictive drugs". Marijuana is often tied to that theory because of it's psychoactive component. Many believe Alcohol & Tobacco have a role in the theory as well. Tolerance build up plays a major part in the Gateway Drug theory.
Extensive research about the topic has been conducted. After the publications of several studies in 1975, scientific discussions took a big lead in the theory. Different theories of the causes were developed. The two main theories were similar attitudes & alterations in the brain. The concept of similar attitudes is that several environmental & personal factors can increase the interest in different drugs. In the event of first use of a drug it would permit a look at the given social & economic environment. Alterations in the brain have been summed up in the sequence of an earlier drug use. Indications directly linked alteration consisting of lasting anatomical behaviors in the reward system of the brain.


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