L O U D         G A N J A               R E E F E R

You're about to take the transition from low class to high class. As captain of this plane , I recommend you buckle in your seat belts. Today , I' am honored to welcome you to that9thcloud. It is my duty to assure everyone gets high enough. The topic of discussion is names.  
Marijuana comes with plenty of names for you to pick from. Most often street dealers decide to call it whatever is appealing. The often used street names for marijuana are pot, reefer, loud, ganja, herb, bud & etc. Many smokers are often more concerned with the effect than name. Official strains like OG Kush , Sour Diesel, & Purple Kush are common Sativa strain names. Dispensaries are about the rarest places to get what you want by name. Hybrids have paved the way for growers to be creative with names. Marijuana has been used & named by many cultures for decades.                                  

There's possibly no drug with more nicknames than cannabis. Cannabis slangs vary among countries & age range. In North Africa they call it "kif". Youth in the 21st century call it "loud". The name count increases with every new strain produced. Strain naming seems to be popular within the hip hop community. Artists like Snoop Dogg, B Real, Wiz Khalifa, & many have influenced the culture with their own originality. Fans can purchase Khalifa Kush, Dr. Greenthumb's Tangie, or Snoop's G pen. Naming strains is important to the culture because it gives title of ownership.


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