Cali Beatz aka Cali Streets

Cali Beatz aka Cali Streets is a Artist/Producer from California 
who started producing about 4 years ago & then he started writing 
his own hooks. After the hooks , he then started with the raps. He 
hopes to meet new creative artists/producers that can help him learn 
new skills 

1. Sativa or Indica ? indica straight Gass 
2. Favorite strain of bud ?the real diamond o.g  
3. Pefer joints or blunts ?big Fatt joints 
4. Favorite stoner movie of all time ? Friday
5. Any producer/artist you want to burn one with?  Ice cube & swizz beatz 
6. Ever tried ediables ?yes, had me feeling like i was on a roller coaster drunk haha
7. Sexiest stoner right now ? Rihanna 
8. How do you feel about legalization ?all i gotta say i have my license … but every true stoner needs to vote!! 







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